If you know Trumpf Medical, then you know Hillrom. Discover what the future holds.
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Company Overview

About Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.

Hill-Rom is a leading global medical technology company with approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. We partner with health care providers in more than 100 countries by focusing on patient care solutions that improve clinical and economic outcomes in five core areas: Advancing Mobility, Wound Care and Prevention, Clinical Workflow, Surgical Safety and Efficiency, and Respiratory Health. Around the world, Hill-Rom's people, products, and programs work towards one mission: Enhancing outcomes for patients and their caregivers.

About Trumpf Medical

Trumpf Medical, a division of Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., develops and produces modern medical equipment for the OR, intensive care unit, and associated clinical areas, providing hospital staff with the best possible support in delivering efficient and safe care to their patients. Our product range includes flexible and modular OR tables, special purpose furnishings for OR settings and the intensive care unit, as well as innovative OR lighting technologies and camera systems.